Who I Am

This blog came about not because I’m an expert on wellness or being a physician, but because I’m a teacher.  I’m a Professor of Surgery, Pediatrics and Medical Ethics at Baylor College of Medicine and a practicing pediatric surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital .  I’m involved in education on a day to day basis in my clinical work.  I’ve had the privilege of learning more about medical education as a Program Director and a Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

I started this blog for three reasons.

First, I wanted a place to share information about how to really succeed in medical school and residency – not just academically, but personally as well.

The faculty, residents and students I work with struggle with how to find time to take care of themselves, as do I. The second reason I started this website was to publish a “tool kit” of specific ways to incorporate exercise, better nutrition, stress reduction and other wellness habits into busy schedules.

The third, and maybe most important reason I started this blog is to have a way to talk about the joy of practicing medicine.  We are in a difficult time of transition in medicine, a time where it can be difficult to remember the meaning and purpose of this work. I hope sharing a little inspiration from time to time will  be a good antidote for those days we feel overwhelmed…

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I welcome guest posts, especially from medical students and residents.  Please contact me if you are interested!

Disclaimer:   Anything on this blog represents my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Baylor College of Medicine or Texas Children’s Hospital

Mary L. Brandt, MD