Farmer’s Markets

I just got back from the farmer’s market and decided to add to my previous thoughts about buying your food locally.

Houston is a little bizarre when it comes to produce.  Our growing season has a real lull in the summer when it gets so hot.  As the weather cools in October, the plants perk up again and we start seeing great produce reappear.

I’ve become convinced that food bought from local farmers usually has less contaminants, more nutrients and just tastes better.  It’s also clear that you are doing a good deed for the environment if you buy food that doesn’t have to be shipped to you.  But there is another intangible benefit of shopping at the farmer’s market for people who spend their days in intense work – it’s a social event that is very grounding (no pun intended).  It’s outside, it’s beautiful and – at least in Houston – there is good music, good coffee and a crowd of smiling people.

Take care of yourself by buying food that’s good for you.  If you are trying to follow Michael Pollan’s advice on how to eat well (“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” ) you can’t do better than buying your food at the farmer’s market.

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