The Physical Examination

Abraham Verghese is a personal hero for his thoughtful passion about medicine, his dedication to teaching and for his amazing ability as an author.  If you haven’t read his books, I recommend them all.  His novel Cutting for Stone is a truly remarkable work that, while telling a fabulous story, captures the wonderful moments (and trials) of being a physician..  Anyone will appreciate this novel; physicans will be enthralled.

Photo from a great NY Times article about Dr. Verghese

Dr. Verghese recently gave a TED talk about the physical exam that I believe everyone in medicine should see – especially medical students. From Sherlock Holmes, to the discovery of percussion, to how touching the patient is a ritual of healing … this is a remarkable lecture.  Take the time to watch it.  It will make you remember why what we do is such a blessing.


Link to Dr. Verghese’s TED talk

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  1. Hi Dr. Brandt,

    I had just written a post about the exact same video and person. One thing to add, I think everyone should also take a read of Dr. Verghese’s article titled “Patient as Icon, Icon as Patient”

    Awesome thoughts indeed

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