How to Use RSS

I consider myself relatively tech savy (at least not embarrassingly illiterate).  I recently learned how to use RSS – which just seems like something I should have known about for a long time.   So, forgive me if this is ridiculously simple for you, but in case you don’t know how to use RSS, here goes…

Bottom line:

1.     If you want to follow a blog or website you can subscribe with RSS

2.     Anytime the site posts new information it will be automatically sent to you

3.     The new posts are listed by title – you click on the ones you want to read

4.     This saves a lot of time

Here’s more details:

  • RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication
  • When you find a website you want to follow, find either the RSS symbol or something like “to subscribe” and pick RSS


  • Pick which RSS reader you want to use.  I use Google reader but there are a lot of other readers out there to choose from.  Using a reader like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc lets you access the reader from any computer, unlike some of the other readers listed here
  • Open your reader when you want to see what’s new on the websites you follow – the “headlines” of all the new posts will be listed.  Clicking on any headline takes you to the full story

Here are a few more sites if you need more information: