Favorite Posts from 2012

Another year coming to an end!  Thank you to everyone who has read my posts this year.. I hope they have encouraged and supported you in your practice and studies.  Best wishes for a New Year of health, happiness, and joy to all!


Welcome to Hero School

Beepers and pagers and phones, oh my….

How to study for Step 1

Why sitting is bad for you

Residency is still school – how to study

Eating well (and setting a good example) despite your busy schedule

What to buy the doctor (or doctor in training) that has everything

What interns worry about

10 things to know before you start your first job

The hospital never sleeps and neither do the patients

Residency Interviews Part 1:  Your suitcase

Residency Interviews Part 2:  The flights

Residency Interviews Part 3:  The interview

Favorite posts from 2011

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