Scientifically Superstitious

There is a longstanding superstition in medicine that you never wish someone a quiet call night, sort of the medical equivalent of never wishing an actor a good show. We are trained in science, so all physicians know this is silly…and yet…

There are many theories in psychology about why human beings are superstitious, but the one that I think best explains the superstitions of doctors is that superstitious rituals decrease stress and can improve performance during stressful work.

So, don’t make fun of me when I wear my green socks for Kasai procedures… or when I feign horror if someone wishes me a quiet call night!

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1 thought on “Scientifically Superstitious

  1. I don’t have lucky socks, but I do scold the new scrub tech that thanks me for a nice morning “so far” – when we’ve got more cases to go! Wait until the end of the day before thanking everyone for a nice day!

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