Fast Easy Recipes: Slow Cookers

Residents, medical students and busy people in general don’t have time to cook.  Slow cookers are a great option for preparing great food without much time or effort.

Slow cookers are cheap and plentiful.  There are a lot of options, and many sites to compare features and prices. I don’t have any personal information to recommend one slow cooker over another, but here are some examples to consider.  The Hamilton Beach Set and Forget costs about $45.  The advantage of programmable slow cookers is that you don’t have to be home (or awake) to remember to turn it off when the food is done.  The Rival round crock-pot is also cheap (about $30) and programmable. The West Bend slow cooker (about $35) is intriguing because you can use the base as a griddle.  There is some advantage to buying a slow cooker with a removable insert – they allow you to assemble ingredients the night before (and store them in the refrigerator).  Also they are easier to clean.

Here are some of the many websites devoted to slow cooker recipes:,,, A Year of Slow Cooking

Slow cookers are a great choice for “day off” recipes that will provide you with great food for the rest of the week.

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken


Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chile


Beef Daube Provencal

Overnight Oatmeal